1999 Accura - maintenance Light on

1999 Acura Integra with 117,000 miles. Maintenance light came on about 2 weeks ago and now I am getting about 24-30% less gas mileage. Any ideas on what might need serviced

Well, your car is certainly due for maintenance. First thing would be to get a scan to see what trouble codes are. But as far as maintenance: plugs, fuel filter, timing belt, probably coolant and brake fluid change. Likely more that I’m missing, but the owner’s manual will spell it out for you.

which light? the yellow maintenance light or the red check engine lt?

either way get the codes read and post them here.

if the red light is flashing don’t drive it… at all.

Regular maintenance is regularly done, oil, filters,fluids topped off, etc -timing belt and water pump replaced at about 100,000 miles??

But which light is on? Check Engine? Can you go to an auto parts store and read the codes?

which light? the yellow maintenance light (Maint req’d) or the red check engine lt (CEL)?

also, get out your manual. what is REQUIRED maintenance at 115K miles?

Are you up to date on all scheduled maintenance?

Its the yellow maintenance light thats on -not the red check engine light. The All the regular maintenance has been performed. Not sure what it would be thats causing the gas mileage to go down by 25% (since the light has come on)?

get out your manual. what is REQUIRED maintenance at 115K miles? what has NOT been done from the list? although you state the maintenance has been done, something has been overlooked.

take it to a auto parts store. they will read the codes (if any) post the actual codes NOs here.

Perhaps the maintenance light is just programmed to come on after a certain number of miles since the last time it was reset. Does your manual tell you how to reset the maintenance light? Maybe someone can tell us.

Drop in mileage may just be a coincidence.