Repair and Maintenance

1996 Pontiac Sunbird

Got a 300 code from local auto store. I suspected a faulty fuel injector got gas odor from the area of the #1 plug but no leakage. Before trying to buy a new one I first attempted to clean the original. I did not entirely relieve fuel system pressure. Cleaned injectors with spray carb cleaner and replaced. The car started right up but ran a little rough. It eventually smoothed out but lacked power. After a minute or two I noticed uncombusted fuel spitting out of the exhaust pipe. Wasn’t concerned at first and allowed the car to continue to run. After another minute raw fuel was comming out of the exhaust manifold. Needless two say I shut the car off. WTF did I damage the fule pressure regulator as the exhaust system is full of fuel. If not then what. Please advise. Thanks

To check if the fuel pressure regulator is leaking, remove the vacuum hose from the regulator. If gas leaks out of this vacuum connection, the regulator is bad.


Thanks injectors don’t leak do you think this might be a contributor