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Paint it or pitch it?

I have a 2002 Chrysler T&C 2WD with 130K+ miles. The paint is peeling off the hood in two places; there is a big rust spot on the hood. There is other body damage on the car, courtesy of my three sons, including other peeling paint and rusting. My mechanic ballparked a cost of $3000-4000 to repaint the car. Since the car went out of warranty, I’ve spent at least $4000 for transmission, mechanical, and a/c repairs.

Do I repaint this car I hate or do I get rid of it?

Do neither one. Get matching color paint and redo where the rust is. Sand where the peeling clear coat is and apply new clear coat from a spray can which is very easy. Spray clear coat where you repainted too. By the time you are done, you will be good at it.

…or, since you say you hate it, why are you even asking? in other words, why would you go to the trouble to fix the paint on a car you profess to hate?

Yeah, I think I’d go the route of getting rid of the car that you hate.

I don’t think that repainting the car will improve its gasoline mileage or its reliability. I would sand down the spot on the hood and repaint it with some spray paint. Don’t even try to match the color, use whatever paint you have available. You may want to purchase some flower decals to put over the dents to give your van a retro 1960’s appearance. Doing this should increase the safety factor of your Town and Country. Your sons will be too embarrassed to drive it and will walk to where they want to go.