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Renault clio 1.2 (2002) PROBLEMS PLEASE HELP!

Hi, so basically i brought a clio last week and I’ve only had issues since! it was fine when i picked it up and the day after, but i drove it to the local supermarket and it just went into ‘limp mode’ and i couldn’t get it passed 10mph! i managed to regain regs after turning it off and then on again but it kept happening!! a electrical fault warning light came up on my dash, so i thought it was my coil pack! that got changed but now it revs on its own and doesn’t even respond to the accelerator! so i can’t drive it to the garage! I’ve got the RAC coming today to drop it at the garage! please tell this has happened to someone else and what ended up being the problem!

Sorry, but all I can offer is my condolences.

There are quite a few possibilities, ranging from something as simple as replacing the Throttle Position Sensor to as expensive as replacing the ECM–with other possibilities between those two extremes. However, nobody can accurately diagnose this problem via cyberspace, so you have to let a competent mechanic diagnose it in person.

And, in case you are interested, Renaults have not been sold in The US for several decades, so the likelihood of finding someone in this US-based forum who has experience with a Renault from more recent times is…not good.

Cousin Katie, as mentioned above, Renault is not sold in the USA, and we aren’t familiar with European systems on your Clio. I suggest you have it towed to a repair shop you trust and have it fixed. If you don’t have a preferred shop yet, ask everyone you know for recommendations. A few names will be mentioned several times, and those ar the ones to try.

BTW, where do you live?

I surmise that the OP is located in The UK because she is a member of The Royal Automobile Club:

I like their fries and kisses, but their cars not so much. :wink:

Does this car have an OBD system (onboard diagnostics)?
Is there a plug?
Do you have some kind of Royal Auto Parts store where some kind bloke can read the trouble codes for you?

yes I’ve just taken it to the mechanic so hopefully it won’t cost too much

If you posted the actual diagnostic codes from the computer memory we might be able to offer up some ideas. Curious why you replaced coils b/c of an “electrical fault” warning light. Cars these days contain miles of wiring and hundreds of electrical devices, so it would be quite a coupe to get something like that right by guessing. You have to start the diagnosis with the codes.

Another thing I’m curious about, what exactly is this RAC you speak of? Is it some kind of British government service where you can get your car towed for free or a small fee when it breaks down? Or is it a private service you subscribe to?

We had a friend in Germany that always bought Renaults I believe because he said no matter where he was in Europe, if he had a problem they’d come an take care of it. Maybe it had to be under warranty though.

I think it’s a British version of our AAA

I read an interesting post the other day about what you are required to have in your cat if you drive an English car into France. Among other things you are required to have ; Reflective triangles for breakdowns, reflective vests or jackets for every person in the car (must be kept in the passenger compartment), a spare set of glasses if you need them to drive, spare bulbs and fuses, and 2 BREATHALYZERS! If the car breaks down everyone must put on their vest before getting out of the car and standing on the shoulder of the road.

I could not understand the preoccupation with breakdowns until I remembered what the French cars were like when they were sold here.

I think last breakdown I had with my car was in 1974 when I ran out of gas because of the odd/even day setup.