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Need to clean sticker of instrument gauge lens

I have a 1985 dodge w350 it is a ex fire department vehicle the fire department put a hard sticker type thing on the instrument gauge lens and I can’t pick it off so I was wondering how I could get it off without scratching it or replacing anything.

I have had success with Goo Gone


Some people swear by wd40

It depends on what you mean by “a hard sticker.” How thick is it? How big? What does it appear to be made of? Is it blocking your view of anything? Photos would help. If you can remove it you should have luck removing any adhesive residue with Goo Gone.

Here’s what it says about using Goo Gone on clear plastic.


It will depend what type of plastic you have. Test on an inconspicuous area first to ensure it’s compatible.


Hairdryer and long extension cord .

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It’s been stuck on there for 35 years. Maybe just leave it alone?

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It hasn’t been on there its whole life its a red truck but it was blue we suspect it was used for something else before

Its almost like a piece of old plastic put on with some adhesive that says the speeds the firemen were aloud to go on gravel and highway.

A hair dryer might work, but usually heat removal requires a heat gun. A hair dryer is worth a shot, though. After removing the sticker, there might be glue left. Isopropyl alcohol might work to remove residual glue, but it takes a while. Soak a rag with IPA and let it sit on the glue for at least five minutes. Then see if you can wipe it off.

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I don’t even know where the truck is since it is not mine.

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As @VOLVO_V70 suggested, a hair dryer to soften the adhesive. At that point is it possible to grip one end, corner, edge, etc. with maybe needle nose pliers and gently pull?

It was a follow on to your post. Lighten up.

It just looks like tape from an older label maker. It should be possible to remove it but it doesn’t interfere with reading the speedometer unless you’re going 85mph.

I know it doesn’t interfere i just don’t like it there and would like it gone

Hmm. Maybe take a permanent marker and black out the lettering so it’s less noticeable? Just trying to offer options.

If this is the biggest problem or annoyance that you experience with a 35 year old vehicle, you should consider yourself VERY fortunate, and I say that with all sincerity.


It is definitely not my biggest problem but its only thing I can do until I get my new tires for my new rims and I also need to get a new rear main seal and plan on pulling the engine and resealing the engine and cleaning it up.

You need to figure out what type of plastic you’re dealing with.

Only then can you remove the sticker without damaging the lens.