Removing headliner and glue

I just bought a ZAP-imported 2005 Smart Car (I’m not sure if this was a great buy or a really stupid one, and I don’t really need your opinion). When adapting it for the US market, for some reason they covered the moon roof with foam and headliner. When you peel back a corner, you can see the moonroof and yellow glue. So - I want to know - can I take off the foam and enjoy the moonroof? And if so, how do I get rid of the yellow glue?

Sure, you can remove it. But be certain what’s under it besides the moon roof. You may need to put something back along the edges of the moon roof. That is, there might be some part of the roof that is meant to have the headliner even if the moon roof is uncovered. Also, the Moon (or Sun) will beat mercilessly in through the glass. If you don’t mind that, go for it.

As for removing the glue, I’d try a scrubbing pad on the window. It would probably be OK on rubber or painted surfaces, too. I would not use it on any plastic surfaces, though. Don’t use solvents on plastic or rubber before you check back with us.