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2005 Pontiac Grand Am - Headliner help

Headliner is coming loose & I would like to know if there is a shop in Cottonwood, AZ that could help me or is there a glue that I could use myself.

I used Google and found several in seconds . As for regluing it yourself I doubt if it would hold for very long .

Just did this on my 2004 Chevy. I used 3M headliner spray glue. I worked fine.

BUT, I guarantee there is a shop in Cottonwood AZ that does this. It is a VERY common so there are car upholstery shops that do this on a regular basis. Use Google and your telephone to find one.

What happens is that the foam deteriorates

Therefore, I don’t recommend using any glue

Find an automotive upholstery shop . . . the kind of shop that does headliners, convertible tops, seat repairs, and so forth . . . and tell them you need the headliner redone. They’ll have the fabric in stock

If you’re not sure, get 2 -3 estimates from different shops. Chances are the estimates will all be very close