Removing fuse block from a 2001 mercury sable

i need to replace the gem unit, I am told. but i can’t seem to figure out how to drop the block to access the module. i only see the 1 bolt which fastens tto the floor. and after removing that, the block will not drop down. any help would be appreciated

I looked up the procedure to replace the GEM in your vehicle. And you’re not going to like what it says.

Caution! Prior to removing the GEM, the necessary program information must be uploaded to a scan tool so it can be downloaded to the replacement GEM.

Unless you have that capabilty, I’d take it to somebody who does.


Did the dealer have a GEM replacement? Also, I found mention of a bad ground for the GEM there at the fuse block. The guy in this link pulled a GEM gor the same model and year and then reprogrammed his key code using the Owner’s Manual.

Have BCM’s (Body Control Modules) morphed into GEM’s (Generic Control Modules) ??

I think it’s a Ford thing. They love confusing us with acronyms.



Ford calls their body control module GEM

Just as Mercedes-Benz calls it SAM Signal and Aquisition Module . . . and there’s usually more than one