ODM issues with Mercury Sables



I replaced my battery and the cam sensor on my 96 sable 3.4ohc engine.

I need to have my inspection done (I live in Massachusetts) and the ODM reads not ready on the stations computer. I have put on over 1,300 miles on it and still no reading. Anyone have any ideas?


Your radio & PCM both have to maintain their settings when the ignition is off.

Looks like the KAM (keep alive memory) for your PCM/computer has a problem.

Your mechanic should have the 96 Taurus “engine controls wiring diagrams”

He needs to check any fuses that are labeled “hot at all times.” and are wired to the PCM.

If I had a 96 Taurus I would have the wiring diagrams for it & could tell you which fuses to check.

Odds are the fuse is under the hood in the power distribution box. You could check them all.


First things first - let’s be sure when talking to mechanics that you give them correct information. The 1996 sable was available with a 3.0L OHV (SOHC) Vulcan or a 3.0L DOHC Duratec. The 3.4L was available on the Taurus SHO, and odds are if you had one of those, it has self-destructed awhile ago.