Removing Chocolate Milk From Car Seat

My grandchildren spilled chocolate milk on the backseat of my 2006 Hyundai Elantra.

I have cleaned it several times with various cleaners and have no odor but my problem is that each time something wet is on the seat it becomes stained with what I take is still chocolate milk.

It must be down in the seat because after I clean, blot, and vacuum it the seat shows no sign of a stain. But let one of my grandchildren sit on it for instance in a wet bathing suit, that’s when the stain comes back. Any Advice???

HOT water and a wet/dry shop vacuum. My shop vac is much stronger than my Bissel green machine carpet cleaner and will get the deep down stuff.
soak and vacuum many times.

Last resort, take out the seat so you can clean the underside.

Sounds like its gotten into the foam padding.

I use a product called “Awesome” from the dollar store. Spray the area and rub with a soaking wet washcloth. Saturate the area with water. Cover with a big towel and put some weight on it. The towel should pull the water and the stain out of the seat and padding.

Consider investing in seat covers for the back seat or use a towel to cover the seats when transporting wet grandchildren and no more chocolate milk in the car.

Ed B.