Removing a door

How do you go about removing a car door?

On a 1964 Corvair, it’s just a matter of opening the door and removing the hinge bolts.


We had to do this a lot with GM vehicles due to the door pin bushing problems. My dealer bought a special head for one of our floor jacks that securly held the door and did not mark it up.

Lacking a special tool like this it is safer to work with a assistant,then its just bolts,pins,clips,check strap and a closing resistance spring (there is a special spring compressor that helps with this frustrating spring). To totaly remove the door and not just put it to the side you are going to have to deal with the door wiring harness.

Door wiring harness? On a 1964 Corvair?


I didn’t even notice he was working on a Corvair,those tag lines kind of blend in.