1964 corvair


Lets see how good you guys realy are!!

I have a 64 corvair 4 door sedan 110 hp turbo,

My rear view outside mirrors are not on the door panel, they are below the gas lid,

some of the corvairs of this year don’t even show the mirrors. Someone told me that they were oppitional and that you could have them placed on the door or past the door.

My question? Do you know if this is ture?

I am the 3 owner and do have all the paperwork that came with the car including the window sticker. I have searched ALL avenues I could and stll cant find an answer.

Now lets see if anyone can give me an answer.

Im just a girl on a mission.


Outside rear view mirrors were indeed optional in those days. Most of the time, a person went to an auto store like Western Auto and purchased after-market rear view mirrors. You could attach these mirrors at any location on the auto body.

I owned a 1961 Corvair at one time. There was only a mirror on the left side of the car and it was attached to the door.

By the way, we really liked the Corvair. I purchased it as a used car in 1967 for $450. Ralph Nader in his book “Unsafe at any speed” knocked the resale value out from under the Corvair, so for this money I was able to purchase a newer Corvair than any other make.


My dad had a '61 and then a '65. I learned to drive on those cars. I personally think the later iteration was a great car for its time.

Outside rearview mirrors if ordered were a dealer installed item. The installed location could easily have varied.


Thank you Thank you
My bonnet off to you :slight_smile:
I have read everything on the web and all I had
to do was ask you!!!
I will admit you are the best!!!
As far as I know, I am the only one in my area of
Gillette with a vair!!! I grew up in one too and am happy to have one to drive 40 plus years later.
Oh by the way my son is 6’2 260lb and drove it to his freshman formal this year with a white tux…this memory will live in my mind forever with him in the “snowball”.
Does anyone have any tips on how to fix my oil leak?
It is dripping on the passenger side.
Thank you all again!!!


You need to crawl under and find the leak. It could be at a cylinder head, or just the oil pan (for instance). BTW, how often do you need to add a quart?


Mirrors were not mandated by Federal law back then. Back in the 70s the Feds stated that all vehicles must have 2 side mirrors.

I’m dinked around with a few Corvairs but am no expert on them. With the oil leak it could be minor or major.
Since the Corvair engines are similar in design to the air-cooled VWs, an oil leak could sometimes mean a major problem.

If the leak is a valve cover gasket, oil pressure sending unit, etc. then it’s not big deal.
If the leak involves crankshaft seals, push rod tube seals, etc. then this could mean an engine overhaul.
This was always a touchy issue with VW owners as many could not understand why simply replacing the seals would not cure the problem.

About all I can suggest is have it looked at and hope it’s something peripheral.
(Neat cars IMHO. My cousins owned a couple of them and a good high school friend of mine had one of the Turbo Spyders we used to run around in.)


My father bought a new 1960, black. It had one mirror on the driver’s side and it was on the fender in front of the door. I suspect this would depend on if it were a four door or two door model.

I learned how to drive on it and it was a great car for that. It was the only automatic other than rentals I have driven. I had my first accident in it and lost two teeth, no seat belt. However I was lucky it was Thanksgiving morning and I was #17 in a 16 car one truck accident. Two people were killed.

Overall it was a very good car. Good Luck


I had a 61 that had one mirror on the drivers door. I think single mirrors on the drivers side where fairly standard going back to about 58. Dual mirrors though at least starting in 61 were options with a lot of them mounted on the fenders which made adjustment an in and out thing. Anybody could buy and mount after market ones though and mount them on the fender. Normally factory mirrors though would have some type of an emblem on them whereas after-market would not.


Outside rear view mirrors weren’t standard at least on low end models as late as 1965. I purchased a bottom of the line Rambler Classic 550 and it did not have an outside rear view mirror. I had the dealer install this mirror, along with a foot pump operated windshield washer and back-up lights. I think my bill was $37 for this work.


If your Corvair has a turbo, it’s not the 110 HP version. The 110 had two carburetors, the 140 HP had four, and the turbo had 180 HP. If you have one of those, you have a neat rare car.

On to your oil leak. The pushrod oil seals are not THAT hard to do, just time consuming. Get a book, jack it up, and go for it. I fought a leak for weeks on one (of three) that I had. I followed my girlfriend 120 miles home at the end of a college semester, and it coated my MG with a thin film of recycled 30wt. It turned out to just be the oil pressure switch. It’s to the left of the crankshaft pulley as you stand at the rear, sort of hidden by the fan belt as it goes up and over the generator. Hope that’s it. It’s a five minute repair with the right socket.


Oh yeah, mine only had one mirror, on the door.


Check out the Corvair Society of America at www.corvair.org. They have local chapters (maybe not where you live) and references to mechanics who specialize in Corvairs. Parts are readily available from several sources. One of them is Clark’s Corvair Parts www.corvair.com.

My wife has a 1968, 4 speed, twin carb, 110 hp Monza she inherited from her father.


My main car in 11th and 12th grade of HS was a 63 Corvair convertable (102 hp). We had a lot of fun in that car. My father had a 65 Corvair Monza (110 hp).

Both of them leaked oil. The leaks were from the pushrod tubes, which was a common source of leakage.

If you see or smell oil fumes from you heater ducts, then you know it’s your pushrod tubes which are leaking.



hummmm…ok maybe not? my paperwork say;
110hp turboair eng. now i have to go look at the eng
again. I just assumed it was. makes me wanna go humm
about the oil leak, it doesn’t burn oil, i just have a small drip.
There isn’t one time that i drive my car that people stop me and start to remance about the times “they”
had spent in a vair. It’s nice to listen to all the stories.
thanks to everyone


On a sidenote, my cousin’s husband was in law school in the mid-1970’s and Ralph Nader was coming to give a lecture. Their department made it a point to pick Ralph up at the airport in a Corvair!


When I was pumping gas (circa 1968), I can remember more than one Corvair owner telling me to “check the gas and fill the oil”!