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Door drags when opening

anyone know how to adjust door so it will not drag when opening. 1998 chevy truch 2500 driver door.

Thank Ya’ll,


has the truck had any accidents or body work? sounds like you need to loosen and reshim/ raise the door hinges. sort of trial and error.

have you looked really good at the hinges to see if there is a clear paint area indicating they have moved?

sometimes the rod in the hinge just gets worn out and it needs to be replaced. which means the whole hinge needs replacing.

You probably need new door hinge pins, or a hinge pin with a new bushing. If the door is open, can you grab the outer edge, near the latch, and lift the door more than a 1/2" or more? If so, definitely bad hinge pins. They look like this:;pv5df31cb5e328b628

This hinge situation is common (for so many years)The job is OK,the only problem is the door must come free of the hindges to replace the bushings,at the Dealer we had a special head for one of our floor jacks that held the door without damage,if you want to take the door completly free and lay it down you must remove the electrical harness(requires door panel removal)and there is a spring in one of the hindges that is difficult to deal with if you don’t have the correct compressor(it is not so expensive or complicated)S-10 Blazers had this problem bad.

I had the hinge pins and bushings replaced on my 2000 S-10 Blazer not long after I bought it in 2003. I had it done at the dealer for about $150. The door hinges on a Blazer are welded instead of bolted on, so replacement of the hinges is pricey. I grease the hinges on a regular basis and they seem to be holding up.

Ed B.