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Remove back seat?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to take out the back seat of a Subaru Forrester? I’m taking a cross-country trip and need to load all my daughter’s belongings into the Subaru when I get to San Francisco and drive her back to Florida. I’d like the extra room that taking out the seat would give, but not if it’s not going to be possible to restore the car to its original state.

Of course you can remove the seat. It’s just bolted in place.

Fold the bottom cushion forward and you should be able to see the mounting bolts that hold it in place. Or maybe you can see them without folding the cushion. Same thing for the seat backs. Look around and find their attachment points. Everything is bolted in. You can remove the seat parts and put them back in when you’re done moving. Nothing will be damaged.

I suggest leaving the seatbelts where they are.