Remove back seat from 2023 RX350h. Cause error code?

After an emergent transport of blood platelets to a Western Colorado hospital, they had 17 empty blood boxes to go back to Denver.
Somehow fit all in.
Uncomfortable driving 250 miles with driver seat more forward and seat-back straight up.

If the back seats are removed to make more room, and reduce weight!, will such result in an error code?
Presumably there will be a wire harness to sensors to detect occupancy for seat-belt use.

Thank you.

Your hybrid battery pack and cooling system are back there, I wouldn’t mess with it.


There are side airbags in the sides of the front and rear seat backs and several electrical connectors. If anything is disconnected, there will be warning messages occupying a large part of the instrument cluster display.


Thank you, both.
Shall see if the top half of the back seat, which folds down, can be removed. Buthat may not yield enough room to make it worthwhile.

Ummm, aren’t the air bags more for your head than your butt?? Meaning the air bags are in the rear seat backs??

If you are going to remove the air bag part of the seat and set off the dash lights, then why not just remove the whole seat… But then again you very rarely seem to pay attention to anything said on here anyway, and go on and do whatever you were advised against doing…
So I say just take a Sawzall and cut the top off behind the front seat and turn it into a topless Blazer/Bronco like vehicle and have even more room??? :man_facepalming:

Just unbolt and remove the rear seats which we never use.
(Due to COVID-19 paranoia, after blood deliveries I no longer pick up hitchikers.)

Don’t want the trouble of removing the seats to discover warning lights appear.
Bringing boxes back on my own, the blood center now wants me to do it regularly.
Sitting straight up compresses one of my intervertebral discs causing 4-hours of discomfort.
(No good deed goes unpunished.)

What do you think is going to happen when you unplug the air bags on the rear seats??

To the best of my recollection, the only air bag protection for rear seat passengers consists of the side-curtain air bags, which deploy from the area above the side windows. Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that only the front seats have air bags that deploy from the seatback.

However, there are definitely sensors in the rear seat (to detect seat belt usage/non-usage), and removing the rear seat will surely set-off a display of warning lights.

From the pictures I am seeing of the rear seats, they have the little air bag tags on them, I thought that meant the air bag was in the seat…?
I don’t own one so I could be wrong, but even Nevada said they were in the seats…

Then only take what you can haul without having to move your drivers seat . If you took as much time thinking rationally instead of your childish writng you would not have as many problems.

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Fits RX 350h (2023 - 2024)

Air Bag Inflator Module - Repair or Replace
A very specific set of circumstances may require the replacement of your air bag inflator. If these apply to you, it’s best for you and your Lexus RX 350h to have a factory trained technician replace your air bag inflator module.

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It does appear that the new RX has side impact air bags for the rear seat passengers. Interesting!

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To summarize everyone’s advice: bad idea, don’t do it, transport only what comfortably fits.

So let us know how your seat removal goes! :roll_eyes:


Lexus RX350-Rear Split Folding/Sliding Seat how-to (

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If only that was the problem…

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Hospitals are to UPS or FEDEX the boxes back to the blood center.
But often no one gets around to doing it.
They were very thankful I offered to get the empty boxes out of their way - the Registered Tree-hugger and Green thing to do.
Never know when I’ll be out there again. The last time 14 boxes returned with no problem.

Since the back seats are never used, I would like to get rid of weight, anyway.
Shall look at them to see if there are side airbags.

You cannot be serious. If you need a pickup truck or a cargo van, you do realize those types of vehicles can be purchased used for a lot less than a 2023 Lexus RX350h. Especially an older model, which is still in good condition and runs well.

For example, I can get a first-generation Ford Transit Connect for less than $12k with low miles and in good condition. If I really want to transport a lot of stuff, I can get a relatively recent used Chevrolet Express cargo van for under $15k. A late-model Dodge Grand Caravan could be had for under $10k.

I don’t think removing seats from a modern passenger vehicle is the solution, unless we are talking about a minivan with rear seats that are designed to come out.

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You could have looked yesterday, the “Airbag” tag indicates there is an airbag inside the seat.
Same goes for the pillars, “Airbag” printed or embossed on the trim panel indicates an airbag inside.


Ever since I stopped picking up hitchhikers the back seats have never been used.
(At most, 2.1 - wife, husband, toy poodle.)

Our mission is to transport blood and medical items in emergencies.
Not take anything back - unless specimens.

But when I spot stacks of boxes, and stupidly offer, “Would you like me to gethesempty boxes out of your way?”, I wind up taking them home. Then to the blood center thextime they call.

Since we transport in bad conditions, we have AWD.
ThExpedition was excellent but we never needed its capacity. (Greenies are not permitted to own Expeditions, anyway.)

No tags on the rear seats.
But next to the fold seatback forward handle: SRS AIRBAG

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