Remove back seat from 2023 RX350h. Cause error code?

I would have thought that your company would forbid you from driving any unauthoized personnel in yur vehicle, let alone picking up stangers along the road…

But as I have read and @davesmopar remarked, you do not seem to pay attention to the advice anyone offers…

I have never and don’t plan on ever picking up any hitchhikers, I am way more concerned that I may be picking up the next murder suspect than a friendly traveler or Covid… loaded gun or no gun in the center console doesn’t make a difference… It is proven you can kill someone way faster up close (or in the next seat over lol) with a knife than a gun anyway…
If you know the person, then that is different, you are just giving them a ride…

Completely agree. Under NO circumstances would I ever allow strangers to ride in my car. And that includes driving for an app-based “ride sharing” service. It amazes me that people actually think it’s a good idea to drive for Uber/Lyft/Veyo or similar services, giving rides to strangers.

To be honest, I don’t really like being close to other people who aren’t my family. After living through a global pandemic, I won’t hesitate to tell other people to get away from me, if they’re coughing, or appear sick.

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Everyone has a perfect right to be concerned with Covid dangers imo. Just curious, what would you do if your state required that you allow an emissions tester (a member of the shop staff) into your car so they can drive it for 15 minutes or more on their rolling treadmill?

Don’t you wait outside during the test, or would he sit on your lap?


All through my teenage years I hitched-hiked everywhere. If I missed the bus to school or wanted to go over a friend’s house, I hitched-hiked. Day or night, it was common.
When I got my license, I gave lots of rides to hitch-hikers.

My outlook has since changed 180 degrees on that.

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Never if any blood products or specimens on board.
But after deliveries I have brought many hitchhikers long distances.
Picked up one guy three times in one year. Another twice in two years.

A married couple whose car broke down and left in a Glenwood Springs grocery store parking lot to Denver International Airport where her mother arranged a flight back to Vermont. They used our cell phone to make all of the arrangements.

Another guy picked up on I-70 in the middle of nowhere. He was hyperthermic heading to heat stroke. He drank three bottled waters and kept my last one. When I arrived at theastern plains hospital to take a specimen to the Denver blood center, he wenthrough cigarette ashtrays to smoke what was left of cigarettes. Now regrethat I did not buy him a pack. But gave him the food I took along.

Most fun was five people and their two dogs from Cheyenne to Denver.

(Active bleeder)
19 y/o male shot in chest. Died.

How does that differ from driving a taxi? Taxi drivers also pick up strangers.

There is at least a record/evidence/GPS of the person being picked up with paid riders, the info might be fake, but at least there is something to go on… A hitchhiker, nothing, nobody even knows you picked them up unless you tell them… lol

Well, I don’t think that is a good idea, either, and you could not pay me enough to to that job either. I am not the kind of person who would ever want to live in a place like NYC, where people ride around in close quarters with a bunch of strangers, and breathe their germs.

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So, what you are saying is that your company is OK with you picking up random people on the side of the road. You are saying that they are completely happy with you putting the company at financial risk for litigation if an accident occurs (even if it’s not your fault…).
Quite frankly, I do not believe any company would allow an employee to put the company in jeopardy with such risky and reckless behavior… (five people and two dogs…) Yeah Right…

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Everyone had a seatbelt on, except the two medium-sized dogs.
They were going to Albuquerque, so I got someone’s cell phone in case I would be driving to Colorado Springs, Pueblo or Trinidad to bring a specimen back to Denver.

Worked out well because I dropped them off just blocks from a cathedral where I attended an organ recital!

Doesn’t matter or not. You get in an accident while on business then YOUR company can be/will be held liable.

No company would allow that. Just another one of his extremely unbelievable stories. Some of our techs have cars, and we have specific rules on who’s allowed in the car with them. Customers are allowed while on company business.


Which most regulars here agree to. So why don’t the Moderators do something about RG ?


As a voldumbteer driving my own vehicle, after the mission is accomplished I may do as I wish.
In case of any accusations, a dash cam documents sound and video.
The videos are kept two years before deletion.

Looking back, I have given dozens of hitchhikers, rides.
Picked up a semi truck driver on La Veta Pass when I saw a black bear on the other side heading his direction!

Photo Red Light and Photo Speed violation videos of themergencyehicle have been posted here. The videos could be viewed by anyone entering the citation number and password I provided from the citation letter.

(It appears that the violation company is now making it more difficult to view their 12-second videos by requiring their application to be downloaded.)

The company has not mailed a violation and fine citation for the last 6? red light violations.

He’s been coming around for years, and people interact with him. I don’t consider him much of a public safety risk because his threads are full of people explaining why his ideas are poorly considered. And for the most part, people stay on topic.

Volunteer?? I was under the impression you were paid as an independent contractor.

Voldumbteer because friends say it is stupid to get up in the middle of the night to deliver blood products and medical items at my own co$t for 19 years.
Thankfully now reimbursed for mileage from the James Raymond Lawson Fund.

When I get the RX350 back seat out, I shall report what happens.
Predict slightly better fuel mileage and more noise in the passenger compartment.
Have a horse blanket to deaden sound.

His story has changed so many times I can’t keep up.