Remote Starters


Are there any known mechanical problems created by installing a remote starter system? If not what is the best kind?


It really depends on the vehicle. They cause problems on some but not others. If you list your year make and model we can better access the situation.


I haven’t had any problems with my remote starter since I got it like 5 years ago. Your best bet is to pay to have someone who knows what they are doing install it.But, beware that some cars will not be able to have an aftermarket RS installed. My mom’s 05 Cobalt is one of these cars, was told it has something to do with the battery being in the trunk.


We have one, live in the upper midwest and have never used it. I would not work very hard to install one of these. In my opinion, it is a feature with limited usefulness.


I use mine all the time, but I also use the keyless entry and alarm features as well. If my car already had keyless entry, I probably wouldn’t have bothered. For what it’s worth, I do find it pretty handy to have my car warm when I get out to it in the morning. On the other hand, the car idling in the cold for 10 minutes every morning seems to use a lot of fuel and since gas has gotten over $3/gallon, I have not been using it nearly as much.


The car is a 2006 KIA sedan (its my parents so I don’t have the exact model) Thanks for your help they are in there late 70’s and I want to make sure they don’t have a problem.


Thanks for your response. The unit is for my parents who are in there late 70’s so I think the comfort of a warm car and no scraping of ice or snow helps to ofset the price of fuel for now. Again thanks


Check very carefully before you buy/install one as many are not compatible with newer cars starting and security systems. Check with a KIA dealer,and if its o.k. i would have them install it as it is under warranty and you don’t want to void the warranty me thinks!


Aside from compatibility issues, these things can be VERY complex and difficult to install.


Sure hope they live in a very low theft area.


Getting a car to run is not that difficult. My setup shuts the car down and if the brake pedal is depressed, plus there is no key in the ignition, plus the shifter is locked.


Which is why I said to pay someone to install it for them. I’m not sure about the Kia, but some need to come with it already installed at the factory