Remote car starter

I would like to get a remote car starter for my husband for Christmas, however, the choices are overwhelming. Does anyone have a recommendation for which one to purchase for a 2006 Acura MDX? Also, any recommendations for an installer near Boston? Thanks!

You are smart to ask about what unit and what installer you might get. There seems to be a lot of problems with the remote starters.

I will suggest that it is better for the car not to warm up at idle as it is better to be warmed up by driving at moderate speeds. However comfort does have value and the likely damage or wear created by using remote starters is minor.

I am sorry that I can’t offer any thing more specific.

Good Luck

the installer you choose ,will have his own preference as to the system he/she likes to install.I have my own preference also.

either way ,they all do the same thing in the END.

just find a VERY GOOD company,so they will stand behind their work.

as mentioned above, “There seems to be a lot of problems with the remote starters”.
(is absolutley BOGUS ,and misinformation)

IVE installed many of these systems and never had a problem,and if one would show up,the dealer would stand behind it.and the manf of the product.


I’ll second the choice of the installer is often better than the system itself. A good place will stand by it’s products and will value your positive feedback. I had mine installed on my Civic by Ziebart in Marion, Ohio, look for one near you if possible.
Also, check to make sure the vehicle can actually have a remote starter installed on it. I ran into this problem when I got my mom a gift certificate from them to get her 05 Cobalt done, they took her information down and said it should be able to be done, but when my mom took it in, they couldn’t install it because the battery for her Cobalt is in the trunk of her car.

as mentioned above, “There seems to be a lot of problems with the remote starters”. (is absolutley BOGUS ,and misinformation)

I disagree. While you have installed many systems with out a problem, does not mean other installers are as good and have good records or are using as good systems. As you may have noticed I wrote "There seems to be a lot of problems… " which is true as far as it goes. It may just seem that way because there are a lot more remote starters in use than I suspect, or it may be there really are a lot of them that have problems.

It would be wise to be sure whoever does an install be experienced and have a good record. It would also be wise to try and determine what systems are more reliable. Like any product there are good and bad products and good and bad installers.

I don’t think that your installers are as good as you think. The battery being in the trunk is not a valid reason for not being able to add a remote start system.

In 1961 I built my own remote starter. I will admit it was amateurish, but it worked well. I wired the ignition switch to a plug-in in the grill. I installed a GM starter solenoid to the throttle at the carb, and wired it to the plug-in in the grill. Then I put an ignition switch in a panel, (I don’t know where it came from), and wired it to a plug to plug into the plug-in in the grill. I put a push button switch in the panel and wired it thru the plug-in to the solenoid. This was to pull the accelerator and set the choke. By the way I wired it all thru a washing machine timer so it would expire in 15 minutes. I would plug it up at night and start it up in the morning before I went out to go to work. It worked great!

I got a Compustar system installed by a company in Plaistow, NH. I love the starter and I love the installation job. It seems like I can start the car from five miles away!

I can’t remember the name of the shop in Plaistow, I think they’ve changed names in the past couple of years.

(Range is very important with a remote starter, it does no good to have to run next to your car to start it. You want to be able to start it from inside your home or office.)

you have to be putting us on…right?

Does anyone have an opinion on AutoStart or AstroStart remote starters? It is between these two right now but I do not know much about either and I cannot find anything on the net that deals with reviews. I live in Northern Michigan and my options are limited as to the installer. These 2 are offered by different installers that I believe to both be good but not sure which to go with. Any help is appreciated.

Maybe The Neighbors 2 Or 3 Blocks Over Will Start Your Car With Their’s!

That will be handy as long as they work the same hours.

Oldschool, If you were asking me, no, it is true. I would start the car, get ready to go to work and it would be warm and deiced and ready to go. Of course gas was about 25 cents a gallon.

Hello, My name is David. please give me a call at 781-710-8188. I’m an installer in the Boston area with 20+ years experience installing remote car starters. I came across this post by chance but I have to tell you that most of what I read is incorrect. First of all, having your car warm up in the morning before you leave is a good thing. Most people start their car, wait ten seconds and then take off. That’s the worst thing you can do. The oil in the pan is still cold and hasn’t had the chance to circulate properly. This causes engine wear. Second, These people may have had a bad experience with remote starters but they are not problematic. I’ve installed 1000’s of them and have never had a problem. The problem is most peaple go with the cheapest one they can find and they tend to inferior products installed by inferior installers. Anyway, please give me a call and I will be happy to answer any and all questions you have. Sincerely, David Lania, owner, Sounds Around Town, Revere, MA