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Remote starter

i’d like to get a remote starter for my wife. ive done some research and still am not sure what to even really look for. what is the difference between a 1-way system and a 2-way system? also, id like the setup to include security/alarm options. thanks! p.s. im in cedar rapids iowa and have a friend who “installs this sort of thing all the time”.

I lived in alaska for 3 years where remote starters were very common. I’ve never installed one myself but have had the pleasure of trying to figuire out how the previous owner went wrong. I suggest you go to a mechanic that specializes in remote start and go from there. There are a lot of things that involve the installation and it can get a little complicated. I don’t know your friend but I’d make sure he/she is up to the task first.

Just be aware that even if your friend installs this sort of thing all the time, the possibility of a screw-up still exists, and if your wife’s car is still under warranty, any electrical damage will not be covered by the Mitsu warranty.

Last year, we were told the sad tale of a woman who had a remote starter installed in her new CR-V by the same people who had installed a remote starter on her previous car. The installer’s screw-ups led to damage to the circuitry for the transmission quadrant lighting, the map lights, and some instrument panel lights. The Honda dealer refused (rightfully) to process this as a warranty claim, and the installer had no idea how to remedy it. The woman had to bite the bullet and spend something like $800 to have the damage repaired. Not a happy camper, to say the least!

A friend of mine had an aftermarket one (Cobra, I believe) in his '01 Accord. It worked well for about 3 years, but after that it became problematic and unreliable. Then, when he bought his '08 Rav-4, he had the dealership install a genuine Toyota remote starter, in order to avoid warranty issues. The installation proved to be incorrect, leading to an incredible assortment of seemingly random electrical problems, and the problems were only rectified after several visits to the clueless dealership and a letter to Toyota corporate informing them of an imminent Lemon Law suit. It took the Toyota Regional Service Rep and a Japanese engineer to unravel the exact nature of the installation screw-up.

So, just be aware that this type of thing is not without problems, and that is the case no matter what brand of remote starter you have installed.

I agree that a shop that specializes in this kinda thing should do the install. Ateast with the shop, you can take it back and let them fix it. what happens when your friend screws something up and can’t figure out what it was?

Remote starts are just problematic in general. Add “securtiy/alarm” now you’re really talking. It ties into so many circuits and accessories that you might as well just go out and start your car up yourself. I doubt you’ll find a reputable remote start expert in Iowa…but hey what do I know. Personally I would go with the simplest system you can find. And do some homework.