Remote start on 2000 ford e350

I would like to know of A guide to install a autostart in a ford e350 econoline clubwagon

I am going to get flagged but here goes. What in the world are you thinking. You want to put a " carputer " on this thing . You have door lock problems . And now you want to mess up the electronics by either adding a remote start or a stop/start what ever you call autostart. This is a 19 year old vehicle with problems . I suspect you are a young person with big ideas .

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No, you don’t. You THINK you do, but you really don’t want to install one of these aftermarket systems on your truck. You already have enough problems, don’t add one more.

Why I plan to fix the problems? It is a 15 passenger van not a truck

It’s a bad Idea, let it alone.