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Remote start not working properly

I recently changed the batteries on the remote (transmitter) but still the car won’t start until I get near the car. what could be the problem?

Sounds like reduced reciever sensitivity,does the reciever have a external antenna? is it positioned correctly?

How to locate the antenna? I think there is one behind the inside rearview mirror. Is this antenna used by remote start? I thought this was for garage remote that is kept in overhead console, I don’t own a home so no idea !!

Is this a Factory installed unit? what type of car are we dealing with? I asked Factory installed,not Dealer installed,Dealers will sublet to car stero shops.

If, as I suspect, this is an aftermarket remote starter, the antenna is usually located behind the inside rearview mirror.

If you can’t figure out any other solution to the problem, you can use the old trick for extending the range of any remote transmitter. All you do (and, I AM NOT kidding) is to either place the remote underneath your chin when pressing the button, or to open your mouth and place the remote between your upper and lower teeth while pressing the button.

There are varying theories as to why/how this extends the remote transmitter’s range, but the predominant opinion seems to be related to “bone conductivity”. I was skeptical about this trick, but when I tried it, it did work!

are you sure the batteries are good, if you have any other ones give them a try? even if the first ones are new? good luck

Hi, Thanks for the response so far. I think this is after market stuff. This is a 2000 windstar, and we have got it used one. I have tried the trick about the chin, which i found on internet, it worked once, but did not when i tried this evening. i checked the antenna behind the mirror, and its at it place, in summer it used to fall sometimes due to heat. anyway i have changed the batteries again, but no luck. One month back when i first changed the batteries, the car started from our apartment, thro’ the walls for couple of days!!, same thing was noticed last year too when I changed the batteries. But suddenly it has stopped working properly. what can be done?? any idea how to test if the antenna is working/receiving signal?

If all else fails, I think that you will have to take the van to a retailer/installer who handles the aftermarket brand of remote starter that you have. The brand of the device should be on the remote. Browse through the Yellow Pages to find a shop that handles this brand.

I will checkout if I can get any name, may be take it to a mechanic/installer… any other suggestions? Thanks,