Remote Start 2014 Prius

I had mechanic install the remote start. It works, but the car stops running when I open the door. Is there a way to stop this? Is it bad for the car to start, stop and restart in short periods?

Thanks so much for your feedback.

take it back to that mechanic.

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This is how aftermarket remote start works, otherwise the car could be driven away by anyone. Cars with the factory system start the engine, but do not allow you to drive away with out starting the car in the traditional way. It doesn’t hurt the car to stop and restart it, especially a Prius which is designed to switch off the gas engine when not needed.

Curious, I know little about Prius’, do you need the gas engine running for heat?
Otherwise, why remote start?

That is also how the “factory” remote starter works–at least on Toyotas.
How do I know this?
Because a friend of mine has a Rav-4 with the genuine Toyota remote start system. It starts and runs the engine for up to 15 minutes, but it kills the engine once a door is opened.

Then it is working correctly.

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