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2012 Toyota Prius starts on its own

My prius is starting by it self

How long have you owned it? Does it have a remote starter installed?

I have had my 2012 prius since 2014
It does not have remote start
It has 99.000 miles on it and get checked when need by toyota

You probably need to see the dealer for this.

How often does this happen ? As Corollaguy says this might be a dealer repair as many independent shops are still not up on hybrids .

I wonder if the OP is pressing the ON/OFF button to shut the car off.These cars are so silent that you cannot tell if the engine is still running when you exit the car.He has to make sure that the clock is the only thing that is lit on the dashboard after walking away from it.

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When you bought it as a used vehicle, it is entirely possible that you weren’t made aware that it has a remote start feature.

I thought if the same, when you park it, it is silent, engine is not running, but then you have chime when you are trying to open a door with car "started’ and it will make additional chirps on the outside as you are trying to get away from the car… so… unlikely

I don’t know much about Hybrid vehicles because one would not be on my shopping list. I try not to guess at the answers ( unlike another member ) but could this be the use up older fuel feature because they have not had to buy fuel in a while ?

A regular Prius doesn’t have that feature, the engine runs much of the time.