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Remote Lock

The only issue I have with my newly acquired '08 Elantra is that there is no visual signal that the remote lock signal has been received. When I unlock it remotely, I get a single flash of lights, but nothing of the sort happens when I lock it; if I’m close enough, I hear the click of the locks engaging. I find nothing in the owner’s manual describing any of it.

Is this normal, or do I have some weird computer anomaly going on?

Have you tried hitting the “lock” button twice? My Toyota and my Mazda don’t make any sound when they lock on the first press of the remote but the second press generates a quick beep of the horn.

Have you looked in the owners’ manual? It may be possible to reprogram it.

Agree with @bloody_knuckles. My vehicles make no sound on the first activation. The second push of the remote button and I get a quick flash of lights and the horn sounds. I don’t remember any vehicles that I have ever owned with remote locks ever doing any different. @thesamemountainbike’s advice is spot on also. The owner’s manual is sometimes your best friend when dealing with questionable issues with your vehicle.

You should also be able to select if you want the horn to sound or not by going into the customize program. I like the horn but my wife doesn’t so one car sounds the horn and the other doesn’t.

Have yet to find anything about it in the OM. Will keep looking.