2008 CRV Lock Remote Troubles

Why does my door locks work from inside the car when using my remote but will not work outside the car? Would putting a remote car starter with remote correct this problem?

When Was The Last Time The Battery In The Key Fob (keyring remote control) Was Replaced?
Do You Have A Second Key Fob To Try?
The Battery Could Be Dying.


+1 for CSA. Your fob battery is weak.

Adding a remote starter will just add to the problems.

I put a new battery in it and it still doesn’t work correctly.

Seems like it almost has to be either the fob, the fob battery, or the antenna and circuitry inside the car that detects the fob key press. If you can locate that antenna, see if it has broken off or been damaged. May not be possible though, as the antenna may be built into a circuit board.

For clarity, if you are sitting in the car the remote works but if you reach out the window with the remote and push lock or unlock it no longer functions?