Remanufacturing Denso compressors, UAC - Looking for a Compressor!

1987 Acura Integra

Looking for a Compressor.

Denso stopped making the compressors in 2010. Acura part is about $400.

UAC (Universal Air Condi.,.) has been making them - now there are re-manufactured UAC ones from R & Y Compressors from FL. Also UAC has brand new Receiver Drier - how good is this part?

Another company wanted me to ship mine and they will re manufacture and ship it to me.

There is also another company known as Four seasons.

My question is - is re-manufactured Compressors from R & Y Compressors are good? I do Not know a company in California that would re-manufacture it.

At least Four seasons has been around a long time

If you’re installing yourself, I’d buy any of the above with preference to the four seasons. I did buy one from a company in FL, but I don’t recall the name of them. It’s noisy when the clutch isn’t engaged, but it’s not failed yet at 1.5yrs.

Also-don’t let any type of warranty influence your decision without reading the fine print. In my experience, any warranty is usually void if you don’t have an ASE certified mechanic do the work and replace several other parts at the same time.

About the warranty . . .

Many compressors are replaced because they catastrophically “let go”

So, there’s obviously plenty of debris in the system, just waiting to cause havoc, including damaging the brand new compressor

To keep the warranty, it’s often required to replace the txv or ot, flush or replace the condenser as needed, and sometimes even install an inline filter, to catch any remaining debris before it gets sucked into the new compressor