Used A/C Compressor Vs. Remanufactured A/C Compressor

I need another a/c compressor for my 1998 Honda Civic DX. I went to various auto stores and here is what I learned:

- Used a/c compressor: $125 w/o a warranty.

- Remanufactured a/c compressor: $200 w/ a 90 day warranty.

- New a/c compressor: $300 w/ a 90 day warranty.

The warranties do not cover labor costs (i.e. removing the compressor). That’s my responsibility. The compressors are also generic/non OEM.

Suggestions on which a/c compressor to purchase? My car has 170,000 miles on it, and has both a good engine and good transmission. I plan to keep the car until it literally falls apart.

$300 for a new compressor is beyond my budget for now.

For only a 75 dollar difference I’d go with the Reman compressor rather than take a chance on a used one.
A used compressor is fine for a DIYer because then there is no one to point fingers at if the used one leaks like sieve.
Used, new, or Reman the drier shoudl always be changed.

Just being curious, but what’s the matter with your current compressor? Sometimes compressor failures are mistakenly diagnosed.

Thanks. The current compressor is locked up. The pulleys do not turn. My mechanic said the vehicle needs a new compressor. I plan to purchase another a/c compressor and install it during my automotive class with my instructor. I plan to purchase a new drier, too.

Be sure to flush the system out thoroughly also. A locked compressor usually means debris in the system and the shrapnel needs to be removed.

Before you condemn the compressor, check to be certain that your problem isn’t the compressor clutch. There should be a plug-in connector right behind the pulley. Disconnect the connector and see if the pulley turns. If it does, then your compressor is locked up. If you can’t turn the pulley, the clutch is frozen. The clutch can be separated from the compressor and replaced without discharging the system and at much lower cost than a new compressor.

My car is at the local garage where my car class is hosted, so I won’t be able to look at it until Monday (next class). Nonetheless, what’s the difference between a frozen pulley and a locked up pulley. I can barely turn it now, although sometimes it just stops rotating.