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Ask Someone: 2011 Toyota Camry #1566264746

There is noise from AC Compressor. AC is working perfectly fine.

Toyota recommends to replace AC Compressor for $ 1400. (Compressor 850 and labor 550).

Is it advisable to ride the car with this noise? Will it cause any damage?

Is it worth spending $ 1400 to fix it?

Any other alternatives, Suggestions please?

An AC compressor can make noise for a few reasons.

The clutch/pulley bearing is worn. This noise usually occurs if the AC is being used or not.

The AC compressor clutch is worn. This noise usually occurs when the AC is engaged. But I’ve seen compressor clutches so warped that the disc rubs against the pulley even when the AC isn’t engaged.

The compressor itself may be self-destructing internally. When this happens, the entire AC system must be totally rebuilt.

Take the vehicle to an independent shop, and get a second opinion.


This is the video to get a feel of the noise.

If you’re saying the noise is coming from that component, that’s not the AC compressor. That’s the alternator.


I am not sure. The Video is to indicate the direction of the noise. Toyota confirmed that I need to replace the A.C. Compressor.

Thanks for the response. The noise is occurring even when the A.C. is not ON.

Take the car to a good independent shop near you, use Yelp if it’s the only thing available to find one. Another option is to look up an ASE Blue Seal Shop near you:

Also, AAA has a shop approval program, it can be found here:

Either way, find a shop near you and get a second opinion. If the problem occurs even with the A/C turned off (make sure you don’t have defog on or the car in recirc mode) you might get by with just an A/C clutch replacement if the noise for sure is coming from the A/C compressor and not the alternator (which was shown in your vid). Either way, a good shop should be able to tell you.

I agree, get a second opinion, see if you can find a good shop that specializes on a/c.