2006 Toyota Tamoca A/C problem


I purchased a new 4 cyl. Tacoma in Aug. of 2006. Since the buy, I have had four A/C compressors replaced by the dealer. I am told that because it is not a safety issue no recall is required and the grinding noise I hear at first start up is because the compressor is below the engine and there is no fix for the problem. What can I do??


[b]The only way to keep taking out compressor after compressor is, if the AC system isn’t completely cleaned of the debris that was left from a failed compressor. But if the dealer is doing this, I can’t see them missing this very important step when replacing a compressor.

The only other thing that can cause this is a poor compressor design.



On the offchance that you’re being BSed by the dealer here, you should ask to see copies of the warranty claims, AND their approval for reimbursement by Toyota Motor Co.

I find it hard to believe that Toyota M.C. has paid for 4 compressors under warranty already.
Every car maker has a certain amount budgeted for warranty repairs on each car and if this is the case, you’re killing them. :slight_smile:

If the dealer won’t show you the paperwork, call the Toyota regional office and inquire about this. If these compressors have really been replaced then they should know all about it, AND have an answer.

I don’t understand what the compressor being below the engine has to do with it. The compressor on my Lincoln Mark and the compressor on my son’s 4th gen. Camaro are also at rock bottom; and still working after 200k miles+.

I’ll just say I’m dubious at this point that TMC has paid for this thing 4 times.