Reliable but beautiful convertible

I recently was in an accident, first one in 25 years, and unfortunately I was in my '92 Corvette convertible. The insurance company totaled it. So my question for the experts here is I am shopping for a new summer driver and I am attracted to the 2005 Nissan, and the 2001 Jaguar XKR, but as to reliability which is better? Any other suggestions? Want to get in and drive without too many problems! Prefer an auto trans. Looking forward to the posts!

I assume you’re looking at a 350Z convertible. The Nissan will be much more reliable than the Jag. A friend of mine bought a new Jag a few years ago. It required a trip to the dealer once a month. She got rid of it before the warranty expired. Too many problems.

Parts and service for a Nissan will also be significantly less expensive than for a Jaguar.

My neighbor down the street bought his wife a Toyota Camry Solara convertible. It has the best of all worlds; good inside space, best reliability, easy and cheap to fix, and good looks. You owe it to yourself to at least look at one and drive it!

Do you know what model she had? Is the reliability different among the jags? S, XJ, XK, etc.

Already have a '99 solara coupe, it’s nice to drive , but not really a sports car. I got it for my kids to drive as they were learning for the dependability. Thanks for the suggestion!

“Is the reliability different among the jags? S, XJ, XK, etc.”

Not really. While the newest generation of Jags is reputed to be extremely reliable–at least in the first year–all models of Jags have had a well-earned reputation for many years as trouble-prone money pits.

Fun to drive? Absolutely!
Reliable? Absolutely not.

As all the above say, you’ll be miles ahead with a 350/370Z. There are no known reliable Jaguars. Some of today’s may be, but none have been proven to be reliable.



Miata, or the seemingly lesser known Honda s2000

Pontiac Solstice

The 2001 XJ and S are average reliability according to JD Power. The XK models were not rated; you might expect the same reliability as the other Jags. Dependability on the 2005 Nissan 350Z is also average. But it is 4 years newer than the Jaguar. If you can afford about $21,000 check out the Lexus SC 430.

How about another Corvette?

“How about another Corvette?”

A beautiful car. A 2001 convertible would be a bit over $20,000; comparable price-wise to a 2001 Jaguar XK or a 2001 Lexus SC 430. I think of the Lexus as more of a touring roadster and not so much as a sports car. But bethonaloark can, and should, try them all. The S2000 might be a bit too rough, and it seems like beth wants a unique car. The Miata is not unique. Fun and cute, but not unique.

I’m very happy with my '04 Ford T’bird. The '02 birds are fine, but in '03 to '05 models they upped the hp by using variable valves, 250 upped to 280. The suspension was stiffened as well for better handling. Reliable, quick, good ride, and a small but useful trunk.

A woman posted here a while back who had an XK8 convertible on which she had put about 90K trouble-free miles. She was posting because the check engine light had just come on while she was on an out-of-town trip. We never heard back about what was wrong with the car.

On the other hand, the fellow who owns the company I work for bought an XK8 convertible a few years ago. He had nothing but trouble with it and sold it within a few months.

The point is, there are probably a few Jag owners who don’t have a long list of problems with their cars, but they are the exception, not the rule.

My friend had one of the smaller Jaguar sedans, and they are notorious for being unreliable. Her car may have been worse, on average, than an XK8, but any Jaguar is a huge gamble, and not a good choice if reliability is a high priority.

The Honda S2000 is another car you should check out if you’re looking at a 350Z as a replacement for your Corvette. The S2000 is also highly rated for reliability.

To all who responded thank you! Drove the Jag, beautiful, but no. Drove the 350Z, not quite my style. Considered others, but ended up with another Vette, a Cyclamen metallic 1995 convertible with only 30K miles ! Now just have to wait til summer!! Thanks for all the input.

The Solstice/Sky is a sheep in wolves clothing, they look nice, but they are built almost entirely out of bits from the GM parts bin, The engine frome the Cobalt, the transmission from the Colorado/Cayon pickup truck, the the taillights from the Trailblazer, etc. It’s not particualry sporty. Somewho was was used to a Corvette will likely find it unimpressive. With that said the GXP/Redline versions are much better, more power, limited slip diff, better handling,etc.

I would recommend the 370Z vert, the S2000, another Corvette, or maybe a Boxster

You’re welcome. And thank you for getting back to us. Good luck with your new car.

although I dont like drop-tops, why dont you get another vette? parts for them will be around forever.

Once a Vette man, always a…good choice. The plastic fantastic.