Compare auto purchase

I’m thinking of buying either a 2003 corvette conv. or a 2003 jaguar xk8. I would welcome comments. Is the jaguar too unreliable or too expensive to repair. Pros and cons of both.

You’re thinking ? I’m dreaming about your decision. Wish I had yours.
No pros, no cons, Sigh ! Personally, I’m a Vette fan…service and familiarity is the reason my neighbor gave for his Corvette project. Both will have their share of reliability problems; but the Vette gives you more options for service.

Surprisingly, the Corvette’s pretty reliable. It’ll also be way cheaper to repair. If it appeals to you, that would be a good choice. The Jaguar will depreciate more, be more expensive to maintain, and won’t have the raw performance, but it will be a very nice drive. You need to drive both, see what you like.

Can you do your own repair/maintenance? If not, how many different shops can work on either vehicle should something need fixed?

I think you’ll be happier with the Corvette.

Oddly, and to my great surprize, according to Kelley BB prices the Jag depreciated less than the 'Vette. And Ford did do a lot to improve the jag’s quality by 2003.

But I’d still prefer the 'Vette.

The 2003 Corvette has an occasional problem with the electronic brake control module and an occasional problem with the ignition lock cylinder. The Jaguar XK doesn’t have any significant problems. I would guess that if problems do occur, they will be more expensive on the Jag. Edmunds doesn’t have a True Cost to Own for the 2003 cars, but for 2005 the Jag is estimated to cost 2.5 times more than the Corvette to repair. And we’re talking real money. The XK8 is expected to cost over $16,000 to repair in the next 5 years. The reliability is excellent, so it must be parts and labor. If you’re still interested, maintenance is about the same. The 'Vette looks better to me now than it did a few minutes ago.

There was a post a few months ago from a woman who’s XK-8 had nearly 100K trouble-free miles. She may be the exception to the rule, but if I were willing to pay the price to own either of the cars you’re thinking about I’d buy the Jag, just because it looks so good.

I prefer the coupe to the convertible, but that’s just me.