Reliability of 1997 or 1998 Caddy Eldorado

What can you tell me about this model? Reliability? Ride/drive quality? Comfort? Thanks!

If I remember correctly, there was no reliability. Comfort maybe.

At the age of this car the only thing I can tell you for sure is that it’s old.

How it was maintained, its driving environment, how kindly it was driven, how many miles it has on it, and what it’s repair history is are all far more important at this stage than what went into its orinal design and manufacture.

Ride and drive quality are highly subjective even in a new car. In an old car it’s then even more varied depending on how well it’s aged.

Any car that is over 10 years old must have been somewhat reliable to still be on the road. I’d look for the cleanest, best documented car I could find. Maybe a one or two owner car. If the seller is old, so much the better. Older folks tent to take better care of their cars.

Most Cadillac Eldorados were substandard in reliability and very expensive to fix. The ride was cushy, the handling awkward and sloppy compared with the better cars of that era.

Mechanics often buy these cars, since they; don’t drive much, can fix them in their spare time, and they can get the parts cheaper.

I would be hard-pressed to recommend any Eldorado to anyone but a mechanic.