$5000 Cadillac Eldorado


My Grandma’s friend passed away recently and the family wants to get rid of her car. It is a 92’ with all the bells and whistles. Only 17000 miles on it, and has been stored in a A.C. garage, and lightly driven. The Kelly Blue Book is 4,750, is the asking price reasonable? Should I buy this keepsake?


google 1992 cadillac eldorado.
where is this car? I want it!
You could try offering them 4,000 & see what happens, then go up to 4,500
from what I’ve read, even at $5000, this is a good deal, but it ‘never hurts to ask’.
good luck.


It’s probably a good buy. But: be aware the suspension parts will likely need to be replaced fairly soon. With such an old car, and it’s lack of driving, when you start to regularly drive it, the suspension will fall apart. Also, engine and transmission could fail, again due to the lack of miles. Chances are, all 17,000 miles are short trips, so there could be increased engine wear due to the engine never getting up to proper operating temperature.
I’d say go for it, after a good independant mechanic checks it over thoroughly.


Realize 17k is ok however the car is very old at 15 years old. Cars age by time as well as mileage…


“Keepsake?” I’m not so sure about that. Buy the car if you like it or want it, but don’t expect it to become valuable any time soon.

$5,000 for a low mileage car is fine, but it’s still justs a used car. Don’t consider it as anything more unless it has sentimental value to YOU.


The Allante’s got the NorthStar engine that year. The Eldo is basicly the same car with a back seat. If it has the NorthStar engine, go for it! If it has the old 4.5L pushrod engine, it STILL would be a VERY nice car…