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Regarding Stinky Winsheild Washer

I believe i may have a suggestion for the stinky winsheild washer problem,refering in particular to the 2001 jaquar post the otherday,I am a mechanic in Corpus Christi,Texas and i have encounterd a few vehicles with that exact problem,however,it wasnt because of the fluid itself.I spent many hours trying to figure out the problem and i believe the problem lies in the winsheild washer motor itself.In every instance i changed the pump with a later model motor and the problem was fixed.After doing some research i beilve the problem lies with the type of rubber washers and o-rings inside the pump.For some reason those type of rubber washers emit a very nasty smell when in use.I am still tryin to figure out exaclty what type of rubber it is to find out why this is happening but until then i have solved this problem in the vehicles i have worked on by replacing the motor.Once i find the exact reason this occurs i will post it until then maybe this post will help you resolve this issue.

Thank you,