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Smelling Windshield Wiper Fluid?

Every single time I use the windshield wiper fluid, I can smell it coming through the vents on my 2003 Ford Ranger (it smells almost like really bad yogurt). Any idea what this could be coming from? Also, recently the truck has been struggling more and more to start up, is this a related issue?

I just moved to a much colder climate than the truck has been in.

Please help! Thank you!

Trace the WW fluid tubing from the reservoir all the way to the two jets that spray on the windshield. Most likely you will find that one is not connected properly and is leaking.

As to the starting problem, the first place to start is with basic maintenance.
When was the last time that the spark plugs were replaced? How about the fuel filter, the air filter, and the spark plug wires?

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I use my windshield washers frequently and generously up here in NH, and I too can smell the fluid when I use a whole bunch. I’ve always been able to. I don’t know exactly what the vapor path is, but it just comes with the territory.

Mine doesn’t smell like yogurt, though, just windshield washer antifreeze.

Hi fellers,
I to run with a Ford ‘13 model PX ranger - I purchased approximately a year ago and have noticed the smell of obvious stagnant water coming from the wiper washer bottle when I use the wiper washer & I use this regularly also.

I have a good sense of smell it’s definitely not yoghurt it is stagnant water. Sure I can still smell the underlying detergent in there but the stagnant water smell really overrides everything?

Am Based in Sydney area.

I’ve also fully overflowed and completely rinsed out the bottle and regularly install the additive detergent type bug remover.

I would’ve thought this enough would stop the water from going stagnant its self in storage in WW bottle?

My curiosity also lies with where this could come from in the circuit-so to speak.
If you keep the windows up you can avoid smell -Well until you get out…
Obviously this is not a rare thing… Any feedback appreciated?
Kind regards

If you open the WW bottle, does it smell stagnant? I doubt it. Which means the smell is coming from somewhere else.

If it does, you need to clean out the container again.

Sydney Australia? or Nova Scotia?

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You could try flushing the system with a 10% bleach solution, 9 parts water, 1 part bleach. Just one cup of the solution is enough. Then flush with water.
Is ready to use WW fluid available in your area? That is all I use and never had a problem. If not can you obtain distilled water?
I ask this because there might be either a reaction between your additive and the water or outgassing from the water itself.

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Australia and yes it makes me think it’s a drainage tray or catchment area like an s bend some stay somewhere until each use…can’t Imagine it’s staying In the lines it tank as the constant use and chemicals in washer additives surely act as mild bleach? I’ll do more investigating but figured simple if this known or common?

I’ll try this remedy thanks for tip
On possible water type source

I’d take a hose and put. a lot of water into the vents below the wipers. There should be a drain to allow that water to drain out, and that may be clogged, allowing water to sit and turn stagnant. Just a guess, but worth a try. Open the hood and check that the water is draining out.