Regarding my 1935 plymouth



how do i change the running board rubber? and the rubber has cracked and chipped off in places, and rust is underneath. i dont want to mess it up, and the rest of the car is in mint condition, just the running boards, i really want to fix it up completely. anyone know what to do, or how to help?


Look for an auto club that specializes in Plymouth. You should find one if you google it. You might also find a local club of car restorers. they might help, too. Local swap meets are another place to meet people with experience. There is a Chrysler-only show on July 6-8 this year in Caerlisle, PA. Their biggest show is in the spring.


You can contact Metro Moulded Parts in Minneapolis. They have replacement running board rubber and have some mounted on the metal also. I believe the procedure is to remove the old, clean up the metal, and glue the new material on using 3M rubber contact cement. They will be able to advise since about all they do is make replacement rubber parts for old cars. Number used to be 800-8rubber. Or come to the Back to the 50’s car raly in St. Paul in a couple weeks and talk to restorers or vendors of your choice. 10,000+ old cars in one place.


Well Gollee
on the ones iv’e done I’d pull and tug
add a little heat here and there use a putty knife
and sharp chisel elbow grease etc etc then just align and glue.
If they are rusted U have to get rid of the rust anyhow
so what maybe maybe