89 plymouth horizon


I bought this car a year and a half ago. It has 47,000 miles on it and is very clean. But it has a problem. Every 15-20 miles it will bogg down (loss of power). Now I can floor it and it comes out of it and runs smoothly for 15-20 miles. I have replaced the fuil filter. Does anyone have any ideas?


Does this car have fuel injection? if so try running a can of BG’s 44K injection cleaner through the fuel tank,you will have to get it at a regular auto parts house like NAPA or Carquest, Autozone and checker do not carry it, it is a little pricey about $22-24 a can but it is the best stuff on the market. if it is really gummed up you may have to run a couple of cans through it when you fuel up (one with each tank fill)and then just maintain it with one can every oil change 3,000 miles. I hope this does the trick.


I’ll give it a try. You know with only 47,000 miles it sat for a while.