1935 Plymouth PJ bis coupe



My father and I are working on a 35 Plymouth that used to be my grandfather’s he bought the car in the 60’s (because he had one simmular to it in his youth). My dad and grandfather restored the car in the 70’s (grandpa even splurged 700 bucks on real mohair interior…grandma…not too pleased) at any rate for the last ten years it’s been sitting around. We’ve done a little clean up work to it, but are now trying to figure out the electrical wireing…it seems grandpa put new wires in, and probably added a few too. Currently the engine is a chevy engine (the original engine is still at grandma’s). Does anyone have any tips or good reference books on how to re-wire this car?


If you want to update the electrical system you can install a 12 volt alternator with a built-in regulator. Change lamps and battery to 12V. The 6 volt starter will work on 12 volts. The ignition coil will need to be replaced with a 12 volt coil. Don’t forget the ignition coil voltage dropping resistor. Likely it has no radio to worry about.

The car will no longer be 100% original but will have improved electrical reliability.


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