Refurbishing molded/moulded carpet / foam rubber

late Porsche 944

the rear hatch has a moulded/molded (?) carpet. I want to figure out some options how buy a foam replacement that the carpet is adhered to and unglue the old, shape the new, and reglue it. It looks like foam rubber, but what do I know. I have seen some sources for foam rubber like Second Skin… actually, Jo Ann Fabrics has some high density foam … and such - but I suppose what I really need to do is simply compare the old with a new piece? I (This is related to my old post about jute, but please no talk about jute here).

plan B is to find a shop to do it, but that’s another post.

also : here’s to Tommy Magliozzi, I will miss him a lot. Thankfully I have lots of classic Car Talk all saved up, time to start listening again.

Try some of the industrial supply houses like McMaster Carr and Graingers. They sellk foam in sheets of various thicknesses and densities. Strip the old foam off your carpets and use spray contact cement to attach the new foam or buy the type with adhesive on one side and I think you might have your solution.

For example, I bought some 1/4 inch high density closed cell foam with a “skinned” surface and adhesive back to make a trans tunnel knee pad for my Mustang. Used it as-is, just trimmed to fit and stick.