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Refurbished Feul Injectors

I would like if refurbished/remanufactured feul injectors are worth getting.

I need to replace the FIs on my truck and (probably like everyone else) I would like to keep the repair cost down. One way I discovered would be to pruchase refurbished/remanufactured FIs. Do you think it is a good idea?

I’ve never had one go bad, but just from what I’ve heard anecdotally, the rebuilt fuel injectors are somewhat less reliable than new ones. My own policy is if it’s a car where you have to take half the engine apart to change the injectors, I’ll go with new. But if they’re easy to swap out, I’ll use the rebuilds since they are significantly cheaper.

I wouldn’t have a problem with using refurbished injectors depending on the price differential.

Just being curious though, why do you think you need a set of injectors in the first place?
Injector failure is rare and when full sets are replaced, or recommended as a repair, the red flag goes up a little.

Check E-bay for injectors for your car…I was able to buy 8 new ones for a Cadillac for $140 (they work great)…With GM & Chrysler bankrupt, the secondary market is awash in cheap replacement parts…