('91 Legacy) Fuel Injector(s)--replace Or Rehab.?!


Here’s the situation. 1991 Legacy L+ auto. wagon at 181k miles.

In Dec., an intended long trip was aborted after 40mi with a CEL and badly

running engine; limped back okay. Diagnosis was for O2 & knock sensors

AND injector #1, all replaced. (not cheap!)

Now, some only 600+mi later, similar symptoms are diagnosed as #2 injector

bad; at my urging (!), #3 & 4 were examined & pulsed, and deemed okay.

Shop rec’s replacing #2 ONLY; “wait 'til they go bad” for others (!). --not my

idea of treating the problem.

I saw here some recommendation for witchhunter.com cleaning treatment;

but shop believes injector life is much dictated by internals which it seems

that the witchhunter treatment really doesn’t address.

What to do?

Would it be not much more than superficial treatment to engage the witchhunter

treatment on #s 2 (bad, no pulsing) - 3- 4 injectors? --maybe it can’t

redeem #2, and won’t much forestall the dying of 3 & 4?

Or is their treatment more worthwhile than this?

(I thought I’d read something about treating internals, but don’t see that

on the www.witchhunter.com site; maybe it was elsewhere.)


Shop’s part price comes in at a hefty $170 for what I see online adv’d

@$120 MSRP disc’d $85 or so. Local dealer quotes $140.

Reliable on-line supplier recommendations?

Thanks much,



I guess I should add that a 3rd option I see re the aged injectors (between clean & …? and new)
is buying reconditioned ones, such as advertised here [ www.fiveomotorsport.com/Injector_SetsSUBARU.asp ]
which at $200 for 4 (though I have one new one now) is still hundreds of $$$ below what the shop or
a nearby dealer charge for new parts ($540 , $420, resp.).

But the question of reliability from FiveOMotorsport then arises.


–Anon., II