Refueling Problem

My 2000 concorde lxi with 180,000 miles has been trouble free since I bought it new in 2000. Recently I have been having problems refueling it. The pump will only allow a margin of fuel to be pumped at a time before stopping as if the tank were full. The fact is it will do this continuosly requiring a long time and much patience to fill the tank. I have read several recommendations to resolve this problem from inserting a long hose in the fill tube to checking the vent filter. I have done the hose thing and no help and have not located a vent filter. Any help will be appreciated.

a couple of vehicles i used to have did the same thing. i would put the nozzle in the right way and it would keep shutting down— gas would not flow in I just turned the nozzle upside down and filled it up. i hope that’s what’s happening to you — just a guess??? good luck

Were you able to insert the hose far enough so you could siphon gasoline OUT of the tank??