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Cannot put gas in car?!

So it has happened twice now that gas will NOT go into the tank on my 2001 Saturn L200. The pump immediately shuts off and gas spills out, seriously, $.20 into the tank yesterday. From some research I believe there is a kinked hose but where and why did this happen 2 months ago and then now after several fill ups between. The first time it happened the problem fixed itself after sitting for a day, I guess I’ll find out today if that is the case.
Any help will be very appreciated!!!


Do you by chance have a check engine light on? I saw this in a Suburban, the canister EVAP solenoid was stuck closed. Therefore not allowing the air inside the tank to escape and the pump thought the car was filled

I do, i’ll check the code, thanks.

Use the search feature of this board, try “slow fill” to view dozen’s of similar threads…

This problem is usually caused by over-filling your gas tank, damaging it’s vapor collection system. There is also an “anti-spill roll-over check valve” that can close off the fill-pipe if it gets out of position (caused by over-filling)