Can't put fuel in tank

I recently had both fuel pumps replaced due to opens. After this replacement, I can only 1.9 gallons of fuel in tank when it has any amount of fuel in it from zero upward. To add additional fuel I must either continuously squirt in small bursts or if station has low pressure I can get a slow stream going it will continue to take fuel. The dealer presently working (not the one who replaced the two pumps)on it is a 5 star service Chrysler dealer. They dropped tank and checked for blocked lines and replaced one of the pumps a second time. The problem still exists. They called Chrysler tech and they told them to smoke the lines to look for blockages. problem still not found. It’s been in shop two weeks. Any theories ??

You have a venting issue. The reason the gas station pumps keep turning off is because they’re designed to sense pressure. Your tank is clearly not venting properly, and considering this isn’t really that difficult a problem your dealer seems a bit incompetent.

“a bit incompetant,” you are very kind, Dave…

I don’t think they are incompetent - they too think it is a venting problem as have I since inception. However, they have looked at the usual sources and as I said even involved Chrysler Tech in this problem. I believe it is going to be something else like an in tank baffle (if there is such a thing) that may have been torn loose during towing when the vehicle bounced hard on stops (which I witnessed) or some other unusual culprit.

Chrysler told dealer to replace tank - no reason given. dealer assumes they may have seen this problem before. I’ll have to drive a couple of hundred miles this weekend to see if it really solves problem.