Recommended psi for 2008 Nissan Rogue

What is the recommended tyre pressure. My tpms has been on for some time.


Any tire shop could have checked the tire pressure for you . And what they would do is look on your drivers door jamb for a plaque that lists what the pressure should be . It is also possible the tire pressure sensors are bad. They have a battery and they only last 7 to 10 years . A tire shop can also check those for you.

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What does sticker on your door jam say

Looks like 17" tires need 33 psi

Looks like 16" tires also nee 33 psi

I am truly fascinated by people who find it “easier” to do an internet search for an automotive-oriented website, come up with a unique screen name and password in order to register for that site, and then post a question that could be answered by simply opening the driver’s door.



Why have you been ignoring this? If the pressure is significantly low, you’ve been running the risk of a blowout at high speed, so this is a safety issue. If nothing else you might have put abnormal wear on the edges of your tires.

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VDC , also if someone just puts ( what should my tire pressure be ) in a search engine pages of articles will explain the door jamb and owners manual method .