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2016 Nissan Rogue - different tire pressures

Im questioning a disparity fr tire2 tire.
One tire is 33 another 35 while a fourth is 36. What affect does this have on wear & everything else?

Disparity ? For your info the correct tire pressure is listed on a drivers door jamb plaque . It is up to the owner to keep the tires at that pressure . If you don’t know how to use the air pumps at many self service gas stations there are lots of You Tube videos showing how to do it.

All the tires should be at the same number on most vehicles . Also by asking this I suspect you might not be aware of other things you should be monitoring like oil level and changes . Your owners manual will be your guide.

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Ideally all four tires should be at 33psi. A small discrepancy won’t hurt anything though. As far as wear is concerned, if you let it go for long enough the tires with 35 and 36 will wear more in the center of the tread than the tire that’s at 33. A tire with too much pressure also has less contact with the road and that affects handling and traction.

3 PSI is a bit more than I’d like to see. As others have said, adjust them to get them closer. You want your tires to respond equally if you make an emergency maneuver. Mine never differ by more than 1 PSI (discounting uneven heating from the sun).

Minimal difference. Nothing a regular would ever notice. IMHOP!

Not a major difference, but get i hen set to the correct pressure. Check them before you drive the car.