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Recommendations for a slightly more fun replacement for a 2007 Honda Accord Ex-L (sort of)

Hi, About a year and a half ago, I replaced my 1998 Infiniti I-30t (Touring) sedan with a 2007 Honda Accord EX-L. It is not registered as an -L, but has all the features except the 5 speed automatic transmission. The accord is just not as much fun as the Infinity was to drive. It does not have the road feel, or feel as secure in the turns, although Yokohama tires have helped a lot. It also seems a lot bigger inside, almost too big, although the dimensions are very similar. My biggest gripe is that the trunk is so high, that backing up is only possible by using the side mirrors. Turning my head around won’t let me see the level drive behind me. Also, I have had a lot of Datsuns then Nissans over the years, and I did really enjoy my Ford Contour SE, so I am not locked into one brand,

So, I am looking to replace it with something from 2004-2008, and under 20K. Does anyone have any recommendations for a less plebeian car, but with a certain amount of reliability? A V4 would probably be ok, since I like my current 24mpg around town (mostly) mileage.

Thank you

You may enjoy driving a late model Mazda 6 or a Mazda 3 Sport. The Sport certainly has enough handling fun for almost anyone except the real pros.

You could get an Infiniti G35 coupe with a manual transmission for under $20,000 - any year. Mileage is 17 city and 25 highway. A 2006/2007 Lexus IS 250 also meets your cost requirement. If you really want a 4-cyl, you should look at a 2008 or earlier Acura TSX. Mileage with a manual is 19/28. You will not find fun cars with 24 MPG in town unless they are very small. A Mazda3 would fit your mileage, cost, and fun interest, but you might not like the amenities. It seems like you like a bit of luxury too.

The Infinity I-30 was, underneath, a slightly-disguised Nissan Maxima. No kidding. Look it up.

Find a good used Maxima. You’ll be home again.

Acura TSX is a sportier, smaller 4cyl. Accord. You should have no problem finding a used one in your price range.

I’ll second the Mazda and Acura. But, you might want to try out all the available rwd cars like the BMW to see if it’s the better handling overall you want, or just a smaller, slightly more tighter car.

A bright yellow Mazdaspeed 6 or a Subaru Legacy GT.

There are TL’s in that price range. Pre-07 you could get a manual transmission and upgraded brakes. 07-08 to get that stuff you had to get the Type-S, which adds to the cost. Try one.

That said, it’s not RWD. If you really want to replicate your I30-t, get another one. I’d say get a G35, but I doubt you could find a decent one in your price range yet. Doesn’t hurt to try, though. They’re very nice.

It’s very difficult to put “Honda” and “fun” into the same sentence without putting “is not” in between them. Reliable and fun means 1 thing, Mazda. Brand new, a 3 can be had for under 20k, if you don’t go hog wild with the options. Though, if you could come up to $25k, you could get the grand daddy of the 3, the Speed 3; 263hp turbo 4cyl. and a good deal of aftermarket items available for even more

“Reliable and fun means 1 thing, Mazda.”

Naw, Infinity will eat Mazda’s lunch every day of the week. At a price, of course, but Mazda doesn’t build anything that compares to a G35.

Thank you all, I will check the Maxima. I know that the I-30 was a maxima with a few body mods and more soundproofing. I have also started sniffing around a Mazda 3 Grand Touring, so we seem to be in synch there. I am going to follow through on the other ideas as well. thank you all!

I will check Acura too. 2005 is about as far back as i want to go.

I realize an Accord is no competition for a Ferrari F 430, but just how fast are you taking bends? All the Accords I’ve driven handled quite nicely.

Try out the Legacy GT as mentioned by “chunky”. It may not have the name but they do handle very well.