New or Used

We want to get either a new or two year old car for around $20,000. We are considering a new subaru imprezza for around $18,000 or a 2007 infiniti g35 with nav and tech packages for $22,000. What do you think? Any other ideas?


When you purchase a new car, you are starting out with brand new tires, a new battery, etc., etc., even new wiper blades. I’m not into a lot of high tech features, so as long as the car has electric starting and doesn’t have to be hand cranked as the old Farmall F-12 tractor, I’m satisfied. In your case, you will probably buy tires and a battery much sooner for the Infinity G35 than for the new Subaru. I guess you have to decide if the nav and tech packages are worth purchasing a used car that costs more than the new one.

This is a very personal decision and a lot depends on where you live, and what you do for a living. If you live in Maine or other New England/New York state areas with heavy snowfall, the new Imprezza would be an ideal choice. Keep in mind that AWD vehcles use more gas and need more expensive maintenance and repairs than 2WD cars.

PERSONALLY, I would buy neither and go for a basic 4 cylinder Toyota Camry or Honda Accord. As pointed out you will get a new car with full warranty and nothing to replace for some time to come. The Infiniti is a good car, but requires more expensive maintenance and repairs as well, although the reliability is OK.

If you do an enormous amount of city driving. I would go for a new Toyota Prius. Gas prices will go up again soon, and a Prius will pay for itself quikly in a high mileage urban environment. The Prius is one of the most reliable cars built. I would avoid any Hybrids built by Detroit car companies.

Well first you have to remember that the costs will start to balloon for both cars after taxes and such. Your 18K car will shoot over 20K and the 22K, much higher. Also after market nav systems are getting pretty cheap. And how about the cost to insure them? How old is the primary driver? That can really,really effect the premium. What grade of gas do they use? Which car will be better for the driving conditions i.e, commuting short or long distance, freeways or streets and stop and go traffic. And finally which one fits you? You have to live with it and make the payments!

You need premium gas in the Infiniti, but can use regular in the Impreza. At that price it couldn’t have a turbocharger. You could also get a new Accord EX with auto transmission for $22,000 without taxes and tags (but with destination charge).

what’s in the tech package?
For 4 grand, you can buy an aftermarket portable GPS system and still be $3500 ahead if you bought a high end one.
Used vehicles are a gamble. So are new cars, but atleast the factory backs the vehicle for a few years should something go wrong.