Replacing a Volvo? Keep it?

I’m the original owner, its got 208k on it and runs great. Had a new transmission in at 90k miles. Keep it longer or time to cash out? I’m looking at a used 2007 Infiniti G35X or New Honda Accord Coupe (better gas mileage). I’d appreciate your advise…Thanks!

The model year of this Volvo 850 just might be relevant.
Please post the model year for us.

Not much to be gained by trading, just be ready to dump it if something big breaks.

Cash out? That assumes the car has significant value. Without knowing the year it’s hard to say, because we have no way of guessing what it’s worth.

Personally, if it’s running well and I wasn’t spending much money on it I’d drive it as long as I could. You can buy a new, or newer car, any day of the week. What’s your hurry?

It’a a 1994 850 sedan

It is running well for me and I’d like to keep it as long as I can. I’m just trying to prepare for the inevitable. Any ideas how many miles I might be able to get out of it? What are your thoughts on infiniti or the new honda coupe?

I want to keep it as long as I can but the next major bill from the mechanic is going to be my last. What do you recommend for my next car? I just can’t do a “Ford” Volvo.

You’re on borrowed time at this point, 208k is high, but who knows? Both the Infiniti and Honda are good, but the Infiniti’s mpgs are nothing to write home about.

I loved the drive of the 2007 Infiniti G35x but the back seats don’t fold down…weird for a car that has every bell and whistle! But I know that the Honda may be a better decision for mpg and cost of repair.

The Honda would probably be less expensive to own in the long run, but the G35 is a very impressive, and tempting, vehicle. I own an older Honda Accord and I’m very happy with it. I hope it lasts a long, long time.

Drive the Volvo as long as it will go economically. then buy a NEW Honda. My brother has been driving the same 1987 Honda Accord since new, and it still runs great although it has some rust. The engine and transmission have never been repaired, and only the struts and A/C compressor have failed.

Thanks…sounds like great advise!

Take your time to shop now, while your car still runs. Don’t just limit yourself to Honda/Toyota. The Fusion hybrid will get about 36mpg on the highway, 41 in town. Standard 4cyl Fusion gets about the same fuel mileage as the Accord. The Chevy Malibu is another option to consider.

I’d keep the Volvo until it dies. A 1994 has limited value, so it makes no sense to cash out. Besides, it may go for another 200,000 miles. Nobody can possibly know.

Meanwhill, I’d pick up a Consumre Reports New Car preview at the local bookstore, find a few models that look interesting, and take test drives. Then if the Volvo does die you’ll be prepared to make your move.

Others feel differently, but I think if you can comfortably afford a new car and you choose well it’s a better expendature than a late model used car. It comes with the warranty, you can ensure that it’s broken in and maintained properly, and you know there’s nothing wrong with it. I always wonder with a late model used car “why is it back for sale so soon?”.

The Accord is a fullsize car now. Maybe you should look at a Civic instead. And decide whether you want a luxury car or not. BTW, you might find a new Pontiac G6 convertible out there at a good discount. It shares a lot of parts with the Malibu, so I wouldn’t worry too much about Pontiac’s demise.