Recall (06230) Replacement of Fuel Tank

I had my mechanic check for a fuel leak. He said it should be covered under a recall. He gave me a copy of the recall letter. I called a GM dealership to have the recalled item replaced and he said that my vin is not listed in the recall. I called GM direct and they said the same thing. They want me to pay for the diagnostic fee to see if they are liable or not. They said even though it may be the same thing it may not be covered since my car is not listed on the recall list.

I don’t want to have a diagnoses done and them not cover it.

Is there a way to get on the recall list without me paying out money?

Any help would be great!

Thank you!


Well, the fact is that you have a fuel leak. You cannot operate a vehicle that is leaking fuel. So are you saying that if it isn’t covered by recall you’re just not going to fix it? Or are you just saying that you won’t have the dealer fix it?

You can’t get a specific vehicle onto a recall list. A recall is normally about a part or particular configuration of things or something like that. The list is built according to which vehicles had that specific thing. So what you need to do is find out exactly what the recall covered and exactly what is leaking on your car. Cars get fuel leaks anyway - not only because there are recalls. So you can easily have a leak that has nothing to do with the recall. If your leak is exactly the same thing as what is in the recall then it may be worth going through the dealer and fighting with GM about who pays. If not just have your mechanic fix the thing and get on with it.

I am going to have it fixed, but would have my mechanic as apposed to the dealership do it if it is not covered by the recall.

But looks like I need to go to the dealership to even get the ball rolling on whether they will include it in the recall. Was just trying to eliminate some steps and time.

Thanks for your help.

The shortest path is through the GM dealer to see if they will help pay for the replacement. Get a price from you mechanic so you’ll have it to compare to the dealer price. Even though it’s not covered by the recall, they might fix it for free as good will if your tank does not have any external damage.